Setting up a new hospital / new clinic

Financial analysis for small & medium sized clinics, polyclinics, day surgery centers & medical centers

Strategy Advisory Services

  • Healthcare Market Research
  • Due Diligence
  • Techno-Commercial Feasibility Studies
  • Detailed Project Reports (DPR)
  • Business Plan Formulation / Validation
  • Transaction Advisory (TA)
  • Innovation Incubation
  • Market Entry & Maximization Strategy

Healthcare Design Services

  • Healthcare Facility Programming and Planning
  • Campus Master Planning
  • Turnkey Design
  • Architecture Design
  • Room Data Sheets & Equipment Loaded Plans
  • Structure Design
  • MEP Design
  • Interior Design
  • Landscape Design
  • Signage
  • Infrastructure Audits and Facility Design Review

Financial Statements Analysis

  • Income Statement: Evaluate the revenue, expenses, and net income over a specific period. Look for trends, profitability, and cost management.
  • Balance Sheet: Assess the assets, liabilities, and equity. Analyze liquidity, solvency, and capital structure.
  • Cash Flow Statement: Understand the cash inflows and outflows. Focus on operating, investing, and financing activities.

Ratio Analysis:

  • Calculate financial ratios to gain insights into the performance:
  • Liquidity Ratios: Measure short-term solvency (e.g., current ratio, quick ratio).
  • Profitability Ratios: Assess profitability (e.g., gross profit margin, net profit margin).
  • Efficiency Ratios: Evaluate asset utilization (e.g., inventory turnover, accounts receivable turnover).
  • Leverage Ratios: Examine debt levels (e.g., debt-to-equity ratio, interest coverage ratio).

Budget and Forecast Review:

  • Analyze the budget and financial projections. Assess accuracy, reasonableness, and alignment with strategic goals.

Risk Assessment:

  • Identify financial risks (market, credit, operational) and their potential impact on the company.
  • Evaluate risk mitigation strategies.

Existing hospital,clinic restructuring & hand-holding


– Organizational Assessment Audits
– Management Restructuring
– Accreditation (JCI, CAP, ISO 9001)
– Development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Policies, Tariffs, etc.
– Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) Implementation


– Healthcare Facility Commissioning
– Sick Unit Transformationg
– Hand-holding


– Accreditation
– Research and Review Studies
– Models for PPP
– Transaction Advisory
– Strategic Action Plan development
– Evaluation of Health Programs
– Infrastructure Audits and Facility Design Review


– JCI accreditation.
– Cap laboratory accreditation

Healthcare IT Consulting

Healthcare systems acquisition
Organizational Assessment & Gap Analysis
IT Project Management
Systems Upgradation
Ongoing Technology Management

Bio Medical Equipment Consulting

Project Services

Strategic Planning

Healthcare Project Services

Strategic Planning

– Equipment Budgeting with Need Assessment
– Planning of Pre-installation Services
– Delivery Coordination
– Equipment Installation Supervision
– Inventory Audit
– Infrastructure Adequacy Check
– Integration with IT/PACS
– Procurement Management

Healthcare Project Services

– Project Management Consulting
– Project Coordination
– Tender Processing
– Project Documentation
– Construction Process Management
– Bill Certification
– Project Handover
– Project Coordination
– Coordination with Architect/Consultant
– Coordination with Contractor and Client
– Preparation of the Master Schedule
– Site Logistic Planning
– Issuing Periodic Corrective Action Plans
– Bill Verification
– Updating the Client on Tender Specification/Conditions